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Entrants select players through a snake draft. In a snake draft, the pick order is reversed each round. In other words, the entrant with the first pick in round 1, will have the last pick in round 2 and the first pick in round 3.

For each paid entry contest, the entry fees, the prize pool, roster size, number of entrants, number of entries per user, and scoring are described on the information page for that contest.

Entrants draft a team of players who accumulate points throughout the duration of the contest period.

Once entrants draft, their rosters are set - there are no waivers, substitutions, or trades during the contest period.

At the end of each sport's week, Underdog automatically selects the entrant's highest scoring players at the designated positions to be "starters" and only those players' statistics over that week are counted towards the entrant's accumulated score. This means entrants do not need to set their lineups.

Slow Drafts clock will become shorter as the season approaches to ensure they complete. 3 weeks plus 1 day prior to Week 1 the clock will change to 4 hours per pick. 1 week prior to Week 1 the clock will shorten to 1 hour per pick. The final day before the season begins the pick clock will be 10 minutes per pick.

Slow Drafts have an overnight pause of 3hrs between 2am and 5am EST, during which time you can still draft and make picks. The overnight pause is there to give you additional time on the clock so that you're less likely to miss a pick.

As the draft approaches the start of the season, and draft clocks shorten, we will extend the length of the overnight pause.

Each sport may or may not have slow drafts at any given time.

At the end of each best ball contest (as listed below), the entrant(s) with the highest scores are awarded prizes based on the prize pool allocation for that specific contest as noted on that contest's specific information page.

NFL: The end of week 17