Draft Guide Glossary

Version 2.0 of the Fantasy Guides Draft Guide has a lot of changes. It's much more visual and includes a lot more data as well as Team Previews for every team. Take a look below to become more familiar with this year's version.

CHECK BOX: For use in tracking your drafts for which players have been selected.

FG RANKING: PPR Ranking assigned by Fantasy Guides.

AUCTION VALUE: This is each players auction price using a $100 budget.

COLOR BARS: These are stats from the 2020 Fantasy Season. They give you the best idea of how well each player performed and how much their team utilized them. They are very useful for being able to visually see how good or bad a player was in a number of different stat lines. Essentially the more color you see on a player, the better they were.

TARGET SHARE %: Percentage of passing targets to a particular player compared to the overall team's pass attempts.

VOLUME SHARE %: Used for running backs to show the percentage of rush attempts + receiving targets compared to the overall team.

TOTAL QBR %: ESPN Metric used to measure a quarterback's performance not only in passing, but also rushing, difficulty of play, pressure, garbage time, strength of opponent and a number of other categories to give a more accurate picture of how good the quarterback is playing. It's much more accurate than your standard quarterback rating.


MARKET SHARE %: For Running Backs this is the percentage of total yards gained rushing + receiving compared to the team's overall total. For Wide Receivers and Tight Ends, this is the total yards gained receiving compared to the team's overall total.

TARGET SHARE %: For Running Backs this is the percentage of total yards gained rushing + receiving compared to the team's overall total. For Wide Receivers and Tight Ends, this is the total yards gained receiving compared to the team's overall total.

COLLEGE DOMINATOR RATING: For running backs it's their percentage of total team yards + touchdowns. For wide receivers and tight ends it's their percentage of total team receiving yards + receiving touchdowns.



STAT PROJECTIONS: Projections from multiple sources showing a player's season-long 17-game projected point total. Some players like Justin Fields for example might be projected for only 12-games on the season, so also included is the points per game projections to give you a better idea of how good they are expected to be on a per-game basis.


TEAM PREVIEW: We have previews for all 32 Teams highlighting individual fantasy-relevant players as well as recapping how each team performed in 2020. Also included are Vegas's projected team wins. Vegas odds are heavily influenced by the Quarterback position, which determines how good the offense can be. Generally the better the offense, the better you can expect the fantasy players on that team to be.


TEAM RANKING BARS: These give a picture of how good the offense will be using different rankings. You can use these to visually get an idea of how good an offense is likely to be in 2021. The more color you see the better.

  • Projected Team Wins: Using Vegas's projected team wins.
  • Strength of Schedule (SOS) Ranking: This shows their 2021 opponents and how they ranked vs each fantasy position in 2020.
  • Offensive Line Ranking: Using multiple source references as well as my own knowledge to give you the best idea of which offensive lines will be superior and which will be bad in 2021.
  • Plays Per Game Ranking: This shows how each team ranked in pace of play, or offensive plays per game in 2020. Obviously the more plays ran in a game the better chance for more fantasy points.

PASS TO RUN RATIO: This shows how the pass vs run plays were distributed on each team for 2020. If there was a coaching change, for example Nick Sirianni going from the offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts to the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, then the pass-to-run ratio will be shown from what the Colts did in 2020 to give the best projection of how the Eagles offense will run in 2021.

INJURY RISK BY FANTASY DOCS: Each player was given a risk level by Double-Board-Certified Physician Dr. Nithin Natwa, MD. Yeah, you read right..."DOUBLE-BOARD-CERTIFIED!" This is based on the risk level for each player missing games or being limited by injury at some point during the 2021 season. For those who want to avoid the headache of injuries, this is a great reference tool in deciding if you'd rather take a player like Derrick Henry (NONE) vs a player like Saquon Barkley (High) during your draft.

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