Worst-5 Landing Spots for Rookie Running Backs

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Article by the Fantasy Guides' Team
#1 Cincinnati Bengals

Please don’t do it Seattle. Don’t spend high draft capital on an RB. Kenneth Walker is the guy here and it’d be hard to imagine any rookie having any success in this offense anytime soon.  

#2 Detroit Lions

Great offensive line, RB friendly scheme, but a backfield that doesn’t have room for a Rookie. David Montgomery just signed a 3 year deal and D’Andre Swift is in town for at least 2023. Hard to imagine we’d see fantasy production from a rookie RB for Detroit in year 1.

Fantasy Guides Dynasty Guide
#3 Houston Texans

The Texans currently have two solid running backs with Dameon Pierce and Devin Singletary. Ant RB that the Texans draft will face strong competition in order to get opportunities. On top of this, the Texans have the 25th ranked offensive line which is not something we are looking for in a landing spot for a rookie.

#4 San Francisco 49ers

Will we see San Fran go back to back to back years drafting an RB in the 3rd round? I hope not. This backfield is set in stone for the next couple years and there’s simply no room for a rookie RB.

#5 Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have the third worst offensive line in the league. Not really the welcoming committee you want for a rookie running back. Along with the poor O-line leading the way, any rookie that is drafted to the Steelers will have to compete with Najee Harris for snaps.

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