Week 16 Waivers

YEAH BOYYYY!!!!! If you are still looking at my waiver post, then that means you’re likely in the Championship game. Congratulations. It’s hard getting here, and your hard work paid off. So, above are some of the waivers I really like this week. Perriman is probably my preferred waiver claim. If anything grab him to block your opponent. That goes for all of these guys. Anyone playing for the ship this weekend, grab as many of these guys as you can to at least block your opponent. I would even drop your kicker if they are replaceable to grab one of these guys, and then just grab a new kicker Sunday morning. I snatched up Perriman last week just to block one of my opponents from picking him up last week and it paid off big time, because I would have lost had I gone against him. There is no mercy in Fantasy Football. Go get these guys, and go get that trophy. I’ll have my D/ST streamers out later tonight.

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