by Andrew Teuscher


Is Caleb Williams worth the hype? Well, I’ll ask you this: do you want a QB who has the playmaking abilities of Patrick Mahomes? Or how about a player who can launch the ball 50 yards downfield while running backward like Josh Allen? Interested in a player who has had as much prospect hype from high school to draft day as Andrew Luck or Trevor Lawrence? That’s Caleb Williams. With all of this going in his favor, the biggest remaining question we all have is, can he reach his fullest potential in Chicago? He’ll have to calm down the college hero ball stuff and settle for the routine play more often. Luckily, he has shown the ability to do so. He has the potential to perennially throw for 4,000 yards and rush for 500+ on top of that. The former Heisman winner out of USC is worth the risk at 1.01 to the Bears and worth the risk at 1.01 in SF rookie drafts.

In most draft classes Drake Maye could be the first overall pick. He has the arm, size, mobility, and vision to be a prized acquisition at the top of the NFL draft. He was a Heisman favorite entering his Junior season after putting up a gaudy 4,321 yards, 38 TDs, and just 7 INTs. Sadly, Maye didn't blow up his final season. This stopped him from being viewed in lockstep with Caleb Williams as a generational QB prospect. Oh no! This just means Maye is a run-of-the-mill excellent QB prospect. He's no guarantee to hit, no one is, but he's got the potential to be a top 10 NFL and Fantasy QB year after year.

Remember what we did with Justin Fields these last 3 seasons? Yeah, that's Jayden Daniels. We'll constantly wonder if he can put it together and be a complete QB. At the same time, he'll be all over social media with dazzling running plays and magnificent bombs downfield. As long as he is a starter in the NFL he is going to have a fantasy football impact. However, Daniels is a project. The LSU QB threw to Malik Nabers and Brian Thomas on his way to winning the Heisman in his 5th year. This season says he's a top 3 pick (similar to RGIII). The other 4 years he had would say that he's a Day 3 pick (similar to Kenny Pickett). Daniels will be one of the most exciting players to watch going forward.

Michigan ran the football a lot and they won the National Championship doing it. People are asking if Michigan won because of JJ or despite him. In his 2 years as a starter, McCarthy didn't throw for 3,000 yards or throw 25 TDs, yet he might be drafted in the top 5 and did win the CFP Championship. As a prospect, his physical skills are a B-level across the board, except he has A+ meditation skills...look into that one. If drafted in the right spot JJ could be a winning QB who can make most throws and run a little. If he doesn't get the necessary support then McCarthy will need to meditate A LOT to get threw his first few years.

Penix can throw a ball just as well as any other QB in this draft. The Washington transfer put up nearly 5,000 yards and 36 TDs in 2023. He had the honor of throwing to three NFL-caliber WRs including Rome Odunze. When it comes to getting a guy who can point and shoot, Penix is the man. Now, if you're picky and want a QB who can run and..well hasn't torn his ACL twice and significantly injured both shoulders, then he might not be your cup of tea. To sum up Penix, he has lots of red flags in his medicals, his age, and his ability to throw over the middle, but his production says he can sling it. The landing spot will be very meaningful for the former Huskie.

When Bo Nix first started playing college football Billie Eilish wasn't a household name, the pandemic hadn't forced us to watch Tiger King, and Lil Nas X hadn't taken his horse down an "Old Town Road". Way back in 2019, Bo looked like he could be the next big thing. After failing to meet expectations he transferred to Oregon and had two prolific seasons as a passer. He has every skill you want a QB to have but none of those skills or abilities stand out above anyone else in this QB class. Nix doesn't have the upside to be a top 5 QB, but he will be able to step into the NFL and not completely tank an offense. That doesn't sound awesome but trust me, guys were playing last year who didn't meet that bar.

Imagine if John Wick had a son who was a QB on the weekend and a supermodel on the side. Zoolander's "Blue Steel" pales in comparison to this man. Brad Pitt's wife wishes he looked more like Notre Dame QB, Sam Hartman. Sure, Hartman doesn't have the biggest arm, best stats, most mobility, or the most talent, but, you CAN NOT deny Sam Hartman's Adonis-like complexion! Jimmy G is on his way out of the league and, my goodness, we have found his replacement. Whether he hoists a Lombardi, starts for a team, or is just holding a clipboard, Sam Hartman will drastically shift the paradigm of what it means to be a good-looking QB. The value of what this brings must not be understated.


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