Team Preview: San Francisco 49ers

49ers Team PreviewWe wrap up the NFC West as we continue previewing all 32 teams, with the last place team from the division, the 49ers.

San Francisco scored the 12th fewest points in 2020 while throwing for the 12th most passing yards. They were 15th in rushing yards on their way to a 6-10 record. Vegas likes them to rebound in 2021 giving them a Win Total at 10.5 games, tied for 4th in the league.

Trey Lance: The team will likely start the year with Jimmy G under center, but Trey will start sooner than later. Lance is currently going around pick 150 (QB19). That feels about right. For those who like to wait on QB, he is a solid 2nd QB option who could have Top 5 upside in a Shanahan-lead offense.

Raheem Moster / Trey Sermon and the rest: The 49ers run as good as any team in the NFL. The problem is, we will never know which back it will be. We just won't. Mike Shanahan loves to use a committee approach, and every RB move he has made since being the head coach has shown this to be true. They are much better in a best ball format than your standard league where you have to make start/sit decisions. This backfield is an avoid for me.

Brandon Aiyuk / Deebo Samuel: Aiyuk had a great rookie season averaging 15.4 points per game on 8 targets per game. There are good reasons to be excited about him in 2021. I like him more than Deebo who's 2.2 yard average depth of target is concerning, although he should score more TDs than the 1 he had in 2020. My main hesitation with both is that I expect this team to get back to running the ball a lot. They only ran 42% of the time in 2020, but that number 52% in 2019 when they went to the Super Bowl. And with Vegas expecting this team to be good, I see them getting back to that. I also expect Trey to start at some point, and a running QB tends to lead to less opportunities for the skill positions. Having said all of that, I think both are fine at their current ADP of WR27 and WR39.

George Kittle: I love Kittle. He has major TD regression in his favor. I won't draft him over Waller though due to injury concerns. He's more Gronk and Waller is more Kelce. Both are great, one's just less injured.



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