Planting my flag on Rachaad White

In a class where there’s a ton of guys you might’ve heard on Twitter once or twice, as someone’s sleeper, you’ve probably been introduced to 15-20 different guys. Us as dynasty analysts when looking at this collection look for a few things; possibility for longevity, 3-down potential, and college domination.

When you sort through those, you come across a few options, but one sticks out among the rest, and that’s Arizona State RB Rachaad White.

“While Hall and Walker are the top RB’s, Rachaad White is the next RB to give you a 3 down workhorse ability." — DynastyScouts

Rachaad White has a blend of size, speed, vision, and receiving ability that combined with his college dominator, has a lot of similarities to a Lamar Miller/David Johnson type. Sure it’s not the flashy Hall or Walker, but he’s consistent, athletic, and a damn good receiver.

Rachaad White Dynasty Profile

Rachaad White didn’t have your normal top RB journey. It had a ton of twists and turns. Starting off as a Division 2 RB in Kentucky, to being a 2 year player at Mount Saint Antonio Community College, to finally being at Arizona State. When he finally got the chance at Arizona State, he did not look back. 2020 was only 4 games, but he put up 600 total yards, and then 2021 was the breakout.

11 Games: 1,026 Rushing Yards, 456 Rec Yards

In this 2021 Year, he logged a 37.8% Dominator Rating, logging him an 87th percentile while sharing the backfield with Danyiel Ngata and Deamonte Traynum. So we have a delayed College breakout that was successful, but how well did he produce vs his competition?

White's Yards Per Carry + and Box Count Adjusted Efficiency.


You may be new to some of these statistics, so let me introduce you to them. Yards Per Carry + and Box Count Adjusted Efficiency are to show how much better these prospects did in comparison to their own team in similar situations. For example, Rachaad White with a 131.3% BAE Rating indicates that he is 31.3% more efficient running the ball than his other RB’s, which were an average of 3.67 stars. His 1.34 YPC+ metric where if he were to be equal is 1 means he’s 34% more efficient. In this graphic, the two green mean he is in the 80th percentiles for both.

What sticks out the most with his run game is his vision. He has a knack for finding the open hole and bursting through to get there.

White's showing off his vision to find the open hole.

What’s most impressive with his game isn’t the rushing work, it’s his receiving game. If you take away James Cook and Kryen Williams, Rachaad White is the best receiving back in this class.

Receiving efficiency & usage in the backfield, slot and out wide.


A 97th Percentile Target Share puts him in the elite category, both being used in the slot, out wide, and is in the 90th percentile in yards per target. While the Average Depth of Target is at the line of scrimmage, White managed to gain 12.9 yards after the catch per reception, putting him also in the 90th percentile. He shows a wide variety of routes run, and Arizona State used him in many ways.

The Athletic Numbers are wonderful for White. While there is no current recording of a shuttle/3 cone drill, he still places in the 80th percentile or higher in the 40, speed score, and burst score. His Relative Athletic Score was the 2nd highest in the class, only behind Breece Hall.

(RAS) Relative Athletic Score
White's Raw Athletic Score (RAS) via RAS Football.


When I look at what White can be, he reminds me a ton of a few guys, mentioned in Lamar Miller and David Johnson. While it may have taken a while to get there (currently 23), his dominator and college target share are a think of beauty. A low-end comparison if I had to give a name is Charles Sims. However White is further along as a rusher.

My Question about White is I’m not quite sure what draft capital he gets. Based on what I’ve heard, he could be a 3rd Round guy where the team has him as RB4, or a RB that’s in the 10-15 range. And at that point, not sure how the team would use White to maximize his value. My personal preference for White is currently Atlanta, as I love how they use Cordarelle Patterson, and White would be a guy who could learn a lot from White and Arthur Smith, and ease into a 3-down role. Consider White as a James Cook that has the contact balance to give upside as a 3-down player at the next level.

DynastyScouts is an Instagram account (@dynastyscouts) covering all things dynasty, devy, and NFL draft related. The expertise on college prospects will be your success when they come up to the league.


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