Dynasty: Buy Sell

🚨🚨DYNASTY PLAYERS🚨🚨In my dynasty league, our trade deadline is tomorrow at midnight. So the past week has been pretty fun as far as movement from teams looking to go for it all and those looking to reload on young players and picks for next year. So, I thought I’d bring up a few players I think you should be looking to buy low / sell high on in dynasty if your trade deadline is still open.


JULIO JONES: This is likely a contrary-on take given that he is 30 years old and will be 31 next season, but Julio is a rare cat. He’s arguably the best WR in the league. I think the decline with Julio will be gradual, not sudden. The team is good about managing him in practice and his snap counts and they extended him through the 2023 season. 

DAVID JOHNSON: Prior to getting injured he was a top 5 running back this season. He’s a versatile back with only 75 more college + pro touches than Zeke but yet you can get him for pennies by comparison.

OTHER BUYS: Baker Mayfield (such a touch schedule), O.J. Howard (still believe in his upside and he’s practically free) Dallas Goedert (if anything happens to Ertz, oh boy) and Jamison Crowder (the new Edelman)


TOM BRADY: His high number of attempts this season are not resulting in enough fantasy points. The sun is setting.

AARON RODGERS: People still think he’s a top 3 QB, but he just isn’t.

KEENAN ALLEN: Is anybody doing less with their targets? He’s only gone over 71 yards once since week 3 despite getting targeted heavily. Rivers is not aging well and it’s affecting Allen.

A.J. GREEN: His body type has not shown to age well in the NFL past the age of 30. He will be 32 next season.

JAMEIS WINSTON: I think we are looking at a backup QB next season.

BRANDIN COOKS: I used to be high on the guy, but that was about 4 concussions ago and he’s looking no better than an overpriced DeSean Jackson.

JULIAN EDELMAN: This one is tied to his age as well as Brady’s. If you’re not competing for a SHIP.....ship him to someone who is.

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