Could he be THE QB1?

I took some heat on Friday from a few people about my high ranking of Jameis Winston as the QB10. Ahead of QBs like Ben Roethlisberger, who was the QB3 last season. For those of you questioning why would I rank him that high? A better question might be “why wouldn’t you?” Honestly, I don’t see how more people aren’t buying into the possibility of Winston not only being a top 10 quarterback, but also having the potential to be “The QB1”. Last season, the combination of Jameis Winston and Ryan Fitzpatrick (or as I like to call them “WINSMAGIC”) produced the 2nd most fantasy points by a QB, trailing only Patrick Mahomes. The 361 points Winsmagic scored (see, it’s kinda catchy) was 21 more than Big Ben scored last season.

Looking ahead, what’s changed. Let’s start with Ben. He lost arguably the 2nd best WR in NFL history. He’s coming off a season where he attempted more passes than any other season in his career by a whopping 67 attempts. Let me remind all of the Pittsburgh fans that the Steelers also missed the playoffs, so it’s feasible to think they will likely try to be more balanced going into 2019.

As for Winsmagic…..excuse me, Winston…..he now gets the benefit of having head coach Bruce Arians, who helped Andrew Luck set a then rookie record for touchdown passes and finish his rookie year as the QB9, as well as helping a 35 year old Carson Palmer (who’s career appeared to be over) finish as the QB5 in 2015. They have quite possibly the NFL’s worst running back core and defensive. So they will likely not be handing off much and will also be playing most of their games from behind. Winston’s arm might fall off. But before it does, the weapons he will be heaving the ball at are some of the best in the league with Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and OJ Howard. If you guys are still sleeping on Jameis Winston,... it’s time to wake up.

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