Buy Sell Hold

The trade deadline for many leagues is Saturday, so the time to make that final push is now. I dropped my Trade Guide down to $1. Go get it! What do you have to lose, besides another trade? 🤣 In all seriousness, I get tons of trade ?s every day and a lot could be answered with just a few of the tips in my guide. I’ve been heavily involved in fantasy football for 15 years and I play dynasty so I’m making trades all year. You get better with practice and I’d love to share my wisdom with you all. If you’re interested, check out the link in my bio. Ok, enough of my pitch, on to BUY SELL HOLD.

BUY CHRIS GODWIN: It’s funny, back when Godwin was the clear number one WR in the league, I got a lot of people asking me if they should trade Mike Evans. Now it has flipped. Everyone is asking if they should trade Godwin and I’ve seen other accounts say he is no longer a WR1. Take advantage of this. The guy has had two mediocre games. And in those games he still saw 8 and 9 targets. He’s a stud. Both WRs can eat in this offense.

BUY TRAVIS KELCE: He has the 2nd most targets for a TE in the league. He’s getting Mahomes back. He’s awesome. Go get him.

BUY DAVANTE ADAMS: Double digit TDs every year over the past 3 seasons. Zero in 5 games this year? You think that continues? Neither do I. Get him before Sunday.

HOLD ZACH ERTZ: Only one TE has more targets in the NFL than Kelce.....and that’s Ertz. I had a lot of people ask me before last week what to do with him, and my answer was to hold. That’s still my answer, even with all the talk about Dallas Goedert out snapping him. Follow the opportunity. .
SELL STAFFORD: Matt is currently the number 6 overall fantasy QB. That is in large part due to a very favorable 1st half schedule. His 2nd half is not so kind. Week 15 is the only top 10 matchup and he has 4 bottom 10. Yikes!

SELL DAVID DRAKE: Not only are they going to cannibalize each other, but they also have quite possibly one of the toughest remaining schedules, with only one top 10 matchup. 

SELL DERRICK HENRY: This offense has the 4th fewest redzone plays in the NFL. And Henry is pretty TD dependent. His KC matchup this week is good but I would sell high if you can.

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