Buy Sell Hold

Hey everyone, here is my last BUY SELL HOLD for non-dynasty leagues since most trade deadlines will be over after this weekend. Here goes: 


JAMEIS WINSTON: I’m going to continue to beat this drum. Everyone hates him, and I get the most hate for recommending him, but since I first mentioned buying him in week 8 has scored the 8th most points at the position and he gets the easiest schedule for a QB going forward.

SAQUON BARKLEY: He might be tough to get and I believe he is still a bit injured, but he has one of the highest snap shares for a RB and has the easiest schedule going forward.

OBJ: Like Winston, everyone wants to hate on this supreme talent. He was an inch short of having a great week last Thursday which makes the buy window possible. He also has a very good remaining schedule after having quite possibly the worst 10 game stretch for any WR.

T.Y. HILTON: He is likely out this week, but has a cake schedule starting in week 13.


JOSH ALLEN: No QB has a tougher end of season schedule. It’s not even close.

MARK INGRAM: Since week 6 he has only had a snap share exceed 50% one time. His points are largely fueled by TDs, which are hard to predict.

JOHN BROWN: Everything I said about Josh Allen also applies to Smoky.

ALLEN ROBINSON: Combine the horrific QB play with an awful schedule and I’m looking elsewhere for my playoff run.

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