Top-5 Landing Spots for Rookie Running Backs

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#1 Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals currently have a thin RB room  which is led by the aging Joe Mixon. Joe Mixion is likely on his way out of town in the next year leaving the RB1 spot vacant for a rookie to take over.  The Bengals have a top 10 offensive line which will help create opportunities for any running back that will be drafted to the team.  

#2 Miami Dolphins

Mike McDaniel made a career backup and a 30 year old RB look like fantasy gold. Whatever back goes to Miami is immediately thrown into one of the more open backfields in the NFL. Not to mention that Miami has one of the best offenses in the league and Mike Mcdaniel is a run game guru.

Fantasy Guides Dynasty Guide
#3 Kansas City Chiefs

This one just seemed obvious. It is good to play RB in an offense that has Patrick Mahomes running it. We keep seeing RBs be successful in KC even though they are average backs at best. Pacheco is there but with 7th rd. capital he could be easily replaced.

#4 Buffalo Bills

Shocker! You should want a RB that will be in a good offense. The Bills haven’t produced a stud fantasy RB in a while but this backfield has been led by Devin Singletary. Singletary is gone leaving some competition in James Cook and Damien Harris. Luckily Harris is on just a 1 year deal and Cook doesn't profile as a workhorse. Also, there’s growing talks that Josh Allen could and should start running less and letting his backs do more.

#5 Chicago Bears

The Bears have one of those backfields that several talented rookies could take over. There’s especially room for production if they draft a receiving back, something they lack right now. The Bears will have an improved offensive line in 2023 and will continue to be a run first team, making them a quality landing spot for Rookie RBs.

Just Missed — Philadelphia Eagles
Philly showed last season why they had the best offensive line in the league. The combination of Hurts and the Philly running back committee combined for 2,505 rushing yards and 31 rushing touchdowns, with over 1,200 of those yards and 11 of those touchdowns belonging to the recently departed Miles Sanders. On short yardage the unit proved impossible to stop. Hurts will still vulture rushing touchdowns, but there will still be plenty of yards and touchdowns to go around for any replacement they bring in.

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