2019 Fantasy Rookie of the Year: Kyler Murray

Hey everyone, I’m giving out some “Fantasy Guides Awards” by having everyone vote on my stories. So when you see them, I would love to get some votes from you. It’s a fun way to end the season. I will ultimately pick the player I think should get the award, but I will also talk about the player you all voted for. Today’s vote was “Who should be the Fantasy Rookie of the Year?” You all voted for Josh Jacobs and I can’t really disagree. I also think Miles Sanders could be considered since he scored more points than Jacobs and was outstanding in the playoffs, but my pick is Kyler Murray. .
The reason I am picking Kyler is in part because of how good he was, but also the fact that he was drafted so much later than Sanders (ADP 72) and Jacobs (ADP 36). Kyler wasn’t drafted until the 10th round (ADP 115) in most leagues. If you drafted Kyler as your first quarterback, he likely did more for your team than Jacobs or Sanders. I think they were all great this season, but Kyler gets the nod from me.

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