Interesting Stats from the Top-100 QB Performances

by Steven Rippy


  1. Josh Allen and Jalen Hurts tied for the most Top-100 performances with 9 each.
  2. Patrick Mahomes had just 3 Top-100 QB performances, 1 fewer than Josh Dobbs.
  3. Bryce Young didn't have a single Top-100 QB performance, his backup Andy Dalton did (started one game).
  4. Week 4 had the most Top-100 QB performances with 8. 11 QBs finished with 20+ points.
  5. Week 6 had the fewest Top-100 QB performances with just 1. Only 3 QBs finished with 20+ points.
  6. Every fantasy performance in the Top-100 was at least 23 fantasy points.
  7. The most Top-100 QB performances occurred vs PHI and WASH (7 each)
  8. The fewest Top-100 QB performances occurred vs BAL, BUF and KC (1 each)
  9. 3 QBs had 5 Passing TD performances (Stroud, Lamar, Goff)
  10. Lamar Jackson was the only QB with a Top-100 QB performance who failed to throw a TD pass.
  11. 16 of the Top-100 QB performances the QB had 50+ rushing yards.
  12. 43% of the Top-100 QB performances came from Top-10 rushing QBs.
  13. 47% of the Top-100 QB performances had the QB throwing for 300+ yards.
  14. Only 5 performances the QB threw for fewer than 200 yards. Josh Dobbs accounted for two of those.
  15. Anthony Richardson had the only Top-100 performance with a completion % lower than 50%.
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